about us

BTM Blockchain Technology (M) is poised to revolutionise the blockchain industry in Malaysia. We dedicate ourselves to being a blockchain services provider and promoting the use of this cutting-edge technology to build interworking communities in Malaysia and beyond. We aspire to be the pioneer research and development hub for the highly reliable, secure and efficient blockchain technology.


To Lead Emerging Technologies & Be the Pioneer Hub for Blockchain Innovation


      1. Integrate Ai & Blockchain That Leads to Efficient Global Solution
      2. Inspire & Foster Interworking Network in Different Trades & Sectors
      3. Facilitate Education to Connect the Gaps Between Blockchain Ecosystem


Our BTM Ninjas hold true to these values:

Blockchain Technology Malaysia - Bold


We are strong-willed and innovative individuals

Blockchain Technology Malaysia - Transformative


We are the game-changers in the blockchain industry

Blockchain Technology Malaysia - Movers and Shakers

Movers & Shakers

We are transforming our stakeholders' lives with our blockchain-based products and services