Throughout an incredible journey in Blockchain Technology Malaysia, our team participated in events and hackathons to further gain exposure and experience outside of the workplace.


Secrets to Winning a Hackathon 18th August 2017

Hello there! We are sure that you are here for the secrets right? We will get there but first, we would like to share some happy news with you. Our team has recently become a champion of the first Malaysian national hackathon and won a grand prize of RM20,000. We are incredibly proud of this achievement!

We participated in Advoc8 Hack, a hackathon organized by Project Liber8 with the mission to raise the awareness of human trafficking issues and encourage people to help to shape a better future with no modern slavery in place.

Our project ‘Whistleblowers’ aims to be a trustful universal system in order for the anonymous public as known as whistleblowers to report the cases of human trafficking. Other than a reporting system, Whistleblowers would be a single point of trust with transparent information about donation utilization and an incentives system for NGOs and reporters.

It was truly a thrilling experience for our team to compete in a hackathon. So as promised, here are our little secrets of winning your next hackathon:

  • Don’t focus too much on the profit and revenue-driven models. What you need instead is a self-sustaining idea.
  • Listen to your team and their ideas. Make sure to have a direct communication and mutual understanding in order to have collaborative efforts during these 24 hours of the hackathon.
  • In order to achieve smooth communication among the team members, we didn't have a team leader but rather a team communicator. This way, the direction of the process went easier and interdependent.

So what do you think?
Would you be applying some of the technique to your next competition?
Share with us your thoughts on this and good luck!