BTM Blockchain Technology (M) has teams of experts preparing you for a better future by providing top quality services and guidance.
Blockchain Development

Blockchain: beyond Bitcoins. Blockchain has been revolutionising the fintech industry in recent years, thus showing other industry players the enormous potential in the technology–instant confidentiality, security, transparency, and consensus. Blockchain Technology Malaysia’s team of experienced developers and programmers will enable you to build a customised blockchain solution in order to accelerate and optimise your organisation’s operations so you can focus on your customers’ needs.

Fraud: Protect your organisation. Prevent fraud and minimise unauthorised transactions using blockchain. This technology is built upon the core concepts of transparency, security, and consensus, thereby ensuring your organisation’s transactions fraud-proof.

Intermediaries: Remove unnecessary intermediaries. Do you have third party intermediaries that delay your workflows and incur higher cost? Blockchain can help you remove third parties that do not bring added value to your services, products, or workflow.

Throughput: Increase transactional throughput. Throughput refers to the number of transactions per second that can be performed. Compared to Mastercard, which can perform 80,000 transactions per second, Bitcoin can perform 5 times the number of transactions, using the processing power of hundreds of laptops as opposed to a single, centralized entity.

Stable data: Empower your organisation. A successful business is built upon stable data, which is untampered and secured, and blockchain technology ensures transparency and immutability of your records so your business can run smoothly.

Product Development

What are DApps? DApps, short for decentralized applications, encompass any application built based on blockchain technology, such as digital wallets, crypto exchanges, healthcare services, exchange platforms, etc. Blockchain Technology Malaysia’s team of blockchain, software, mobile, and web developers work as cohesive unit from ideation to production to meet your industrial needs, be it in banking, insurance, administration, human resources, healthcare, security, or education.

AI & IOT Solutions

Unified blockchain, AI and IoT systems. We have strong knowledge in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) into your blockchain system.

Our experience extends to servicing clients from various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, financial services, administration, etc. Get your integrated blockchain solution with us now.

Project Consultation

Consult us for your organisational needs. Blockchain Technology Malaysia possesses expertise in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and mobile/web development. We provide innovative ideas and advice on design, development, implementation and improvement of the performance of our clients’ blockchain needs.

We welcome collaboration or partnerships with university groups, government agencies, and private corporations looking to adopt blockchain technology. Contact us to receive consultation on how to develop, improve, or transform your organisation’s infrastructure using blockchain. First-time clients will receive the first consultation session free.

Consultation requests can be initiated by any person affiliated with the organisation using our form here.

Training & Support

Help when you need it. Want to learn how to use our blockchain solutions better? Find the help you need to get the most out of our products. Get more out of BTM’s solutions with one-to-one consulting, group training classes, and virtual support. Contact us to get started, so your organisation can move on to bigger and better things in no time.

Big Data Insights

Blockchain for Big Data Analytics. Blockchain enhances the security and quality of the data, which turns the insights gleaned from large datasets into assets that can benefit your needs. We integrate blockchain technology and big data analysis into our decentralised applications in order to create new possibilities for AI capabilities and insights for your needs.